Our customers are very important to us. We hate having anyone wait for their products to arrive. We know the excitement you feel when you are expecting a new item in the mail. Especially if it is something that is made individually and specially for you.

Revolution 4Fathers prides itself on giving you the best product you can buy. This is why every item is individually made per customer order. We do this to ensure quality, and to be environmentally friendly. When a company produces a ton of products and then has it sit in a warehouse, waiting to be purchased by someone it is not good for the environment. There is electricity to keep the warehouse facility going, it takes up more land that can be used for nature and many other uses. It also takes many natural resources to house those products for you.

We believe in preserving those resources and we make each product especially for you, and it is produced when you order it. Just know that we use the best land the softest ring spun cotton, and fabrics that are environmentally responsible in their production. These shirts and hoodies are the softest you can buy.

So we know that it might take about 3 weeks due to Covid, and the fact that we are trying to be responsible. I want you to know it is well worth the wait. Your shirt, Hoodie, or any other product will be your most favorite thing to wear.

-Alex Deyo-

owner Revolution 4Fathers